Madonna: this is how her daughter Lourdes Leon, 23, feels about her mother dating a man only 2 years older than her!


Madonna was linked to a 25-year-old backup dancer not long ago, after the two felt comfortable while they were together in Miami. That said, his new unconfirmed romance caused him some violent reaction, which included some criticism from Wendy Williams.

The host of the talk show called the artist a "grandmother,quot; and criticized her for not knowing how to "age with grace."

The talk show host even pointed out that the dancer is only two years older than Madonna's 23-year-old daughter, Lourdes Leon!

That said, an internal report claims to know how Lourdes feels about the supposed new lover of his mother, Ahlamalik Williams, who is no less than 36 years younger than her.

While Wendy isn't the only one who judges Madonna for allegedly dating someone much younger than her, it turns out that her daughter doesn't bother her in the least!

A source tells HollywoodLife that the daughter supports her mother one hundred percent!

Daughter Madonna's daughter is totally used to dating younger men. It's not a problem for her and it's just something she accepts as "normal,quot; for her mother. Madonna has the full support of Lourdes to be with whoever she chooses. And she gives her daughter the same respect. "


Another source also shared through the news media that the same can be said of his mother who loves the woman Lourdes is becoming. And Lourdes knows very well the woman who is her mother and has been her whole life. They are on the same page with so many things, their relationship is very strong. Both are women who know who they are and what they want and there is a respect between them. "

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