KUWK: Kourtney Kardashian reveals that her children already have a skincare routine and gets mixed reactions from fans


It seems that Kourtney Kardashian is teaching her children from an early age to take care of their skin. The mother of three children revealed that her two older children already have their own skin care routine during the Harper’s Bazaar Go To Bed With Me series.

Upon hearing this, many social media users reacted, saying different things, good and bad!

It's okay! The Keeping Up with the Kardashians celebration featured the 10-year-old Mason and Penelope skin night ritual, and it turns out to be quite similar to hers!

She made it very clear while talking with the media that her children already understand how important a good skin care routine is, even though they are very young, and they really love to follow her every day!

In the clip, the proud mother says: ‘I just went through a complete skincare routine with him. We started, we made a mask, we did everything, we wrote all the steps and put it in the drawer of your bathroom and you love doing it and you feel that you are taking care of your skin. It is important to teach girls and boys. "

Kourt also did not forget his daughter Penelope, saying that at 7 years old, she also likes to get involved and is learning to take care of her skin when she sees her mother.

Apparently, the girl loves to give her facials!

It didn't take long for people online to comment on this, and it is safe to say that he had mixed reactions.


Here are some of the comments: ‘I think it is wonderful that your child is learning to take care of himself so young. It will also help prevent acne during adolescence, when hormones dictate everything. / "Well, let's be honest, he has one because you obviously told him and provided him with things."

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