How former 2-star teen mother Jenelle Evans is starting over


His message was not entirely clear.

To celebrate his birthday last year, Jenelle Evans posted a quick Instagram clip of herself playing pool. The subtitle was simple: "It's my birthday. #HappyBirthdayToMe," he wrote. But the symbolism was murky. Was he proving he was a direct shooter? Showing that she was on the ball? Or, perhaps, simply flaunting the fact that he is quite decent in billiards, a skill that eludes many.

Either way, she is making the decisions now. It's been almost two months since the former MTV star Teen mom 2 walked away from the husband David Eason and the life they had built in "The Land," their home in North Carolina. Accusing him of domestic abuse, he wrote in his request to obtain a temporary restraining order that "due to his recent threats, his history of violence, his erratic behavior and his large arsenal of weapons, I am afraid for my life and the well-being of my children ". -being."

Now he settled with his youngest children, 5 years old. Emperor and 2 years old Ensley (his 10 year old son Jace stay with your mother Barbara Evans) In a new Nashville home, the 28-year-old celebrates her first birthday away from the man she spent the last four years of her life with. And birthday wishes or not, you already feel very blessed.

"Being away from David has made his life so much easier," a source tells E! News. The owner of JE Cosmetics is preparing projects for the future, has enrolled her children in school and is taking care of some personal care, the source continues. "She is really taking care of herself in a way that was not before. All the stress and struggle were affecting her and the children."

Jenelle Evans

It is fair to say that he has been through this last 12 months. A year that began with the ignition of CBD infused hair products that its MTV star companion Kailyn Lowry sent from his Pothead line when a peace offering began to run out of control sometime around April.

It was then that Eason, who had already started from the series that had made his wife a familiar name for making derogatory and homophobic comments online, crossed a line that surprised even those fans who had become accustomed to his pranks. (See: illegally towing a truck; referring to strangers on Twitter as strippers.) It was Evans who first confirmed the reports that her husband had shot his French bulldog puppy Nugget, telling E! News that she was "considering divorcing,quot; from him for that. But Eason finally did it himself months later, claiming he had to do it after the puppy attacked Ensley.

"This was something nobody ever wants to do. The dog was aggressive," he explained to People. "Yes, it may not be huge or whatever, but you know that when a dog bites a child in the face more than once, it should never be near the child again. If you give the dog for adoption, one day is going to be near children again. "

He had already followed the story to its inevitable conclusion, he said. "If you call the authorities at that time, the law says that the dog must be slaughtered."
and I was not willing to pay someone to do that "when I could do it myself."

Except that his evasion measure caused his wife to be fired from the program he had been filming for most of a decade and locked them in a five-week custody battle for Kaiser, Ensley and their 12-year-old daughter. Maryssa of a previous relationship.

The process was difficult and meant that the couple missed Mother's and Father's Day with their children, but when it all ended in early July, Evans told E! News how excited she was "to keep going,quot; and claiming that all the terrible experience had made her marriage of almost two years much stronger.

The couple adopted new puppies and appeared at New York Fashion Week, and it seemed that maybe everything would work out, Evans signed online and threw a statement bomb.

Jenelle Evans for E! News

"Most of the time I have stayed out of social networks because I have focused on making some important decisions in life," he began, explaining that his months outside reality television cameras had given him some time to Evaluate everything that happened in your life. "I know I need to make changes. I'm starting that now," he revealed. "The children and I have moved from David. Nobody marries in a marriage waiting for it to end, but I know what is best for me and my children. Today I have presented documents to begin that process."

His impetus, as he would later make clear in his request for a restraining order, was the safety of his children. In his presentation, he accused Eason of verbal and physical abuse, claiming that he once locked Kaiser in a running vehicle and often sent threatening text messages.

"She is taking care of her own well-being and the well-being of her children," a source told E! News of the time. "She has had a lot of relationships and really wanted this to work and did everything she could, but David really dragged her through the mud. Some people just can't be helped."

So, yes, she is not going to warp about him by calling her "stupid,quot; on social media now that her romance ended or she was bothered by her claims that, in fact, he never loved her anyway.

"She is not hurt by anything David has said since he left him," the source tells E! News. "She is happy to move on and get away from what was a very toxic relationship."

In addition, he has festive events to continue (he spent his Thanksgiving Day at a Cracker Barrel in Nashville with his three children, in addition to his mother Barbara, his relationship in the recovery phase after his separation) and other ex-boyfriends with the that coparentó. Former fiance Nathan Griffith, Kaiser's father, recently recounted his festive blessings and tweeted that he was "grateful to finally have a healthy relationship,quot; with Evans.

Jenelle Evans / Instagram

However, above all, she has a life to move on.

"He is settling in Nashville and has been there since Halloween," a source close to Evans tells E! News. "He really loves it and plans to stay. He won't move to North Carolina, at least not soon."

However, returning to its roots remains a possibility. "She doesn't know what will happen to her and her future in the Teenage mother franchise, "says the source," but he would consider it if asked to return. "

This time, viewers would take a look at a new Jenelle, one that "is thriving in Nashville," says the source, and a person who can't stop commenting on how easy his life has become now that he has eliminated some of the drama. She is tight, not only with Barbara, but also with Griffith, they both make the trip to Tennessee to visit her and the children whenever they want. And although legal battles are likely to arise (she and Eason must appear in court on January 13 to address the restraining order), everyone involved is delighted to see how far it has come in just a few months.

"She has really focused on herself and children," says the source. "He is really trying his best to turn what was a horrible situation into a positive one." How is that about a birthday wish?