Details of the divorce of Josh Duhamel and Fergie were revealed: the couple agree amicably on issues of custody, child support and spousal support


Josh Duhamel and Stacy Ferguson, also known as Fergie, ended their divorce last month and officially ended their eight-year marriage after separating more than two years ago. But, unlike many divisions in Hollywood that become unpleasant very quickly, Duhamel and Ferguson were able to reach a friendly agreement on the custody of their five-year-old son Axl, as well as the issue of child support and child support. spouse.

According to The explosion, Duhamel and Ferguson agreed to share 50/50 shared custody of their son, and both agreed that they did not need the other parent to pay child support because they both earn a lot of money in their respective professions. As fans know, Duhamel is a successful film and television actress, while Ferguson has sold millions of records as a member of Black Eyed Peas, as well as her solo work.

"Both parties are able to support the Child … At this time child support will not be ordered and the Court will reserve jurisdiction over child support," reads the court documents. "Both parties are totally self-sufficient, each waiving any right or claim he or she may have now or at any future time to receive help from the other."

Because both earn high incomes, both Duhamel and Ferguson have also rejected spousal support.

The rest of the details of the divorce remain a secret. It is not clear how the former couple divided their assets, as they told the court that they agreed to a private agreement that included custody of Axl, child support, spousal support, community property division and "separate property connection,quot; . "

Since the separation in September 2017, Duhamel has said in interviews that he and Ferguson still have a "great relationship,quot; and will always love her. He said that unfortunately things did not work between them, but that he will always have it back because he is the mother of his son.


Josh Duhamel, 47, has also spoken publicly about his desire to have another child, and is looking for a new relationship with a younger woman with whom he can have a family. Earlier this year, Duhamel began dating Miss World America Audra Mari, 25.

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