Camille Grammar criticizes Lisa Rinna – She also accuses an RHOBH star of hiring a PI!


Camille Grammar announced his return to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills earlier this year. Judging by his response to Lisa Rinna calling Denise Richards for missing the end of the season, this will be an unavoidable surrender, regardless of the rumors that there is not enough drama.

It is said that Richards missed many films of his second season in the series. Between his role in Bold and the Beautiful and being the mother of young children, he recently revealed that he had to undergo surgery for multiple hernias.

In an Instagram post, Denise thanked her husband for taking care of her while she was recovering and warned the women to listen to their bodies.

Recently, the season finale of RHOBH recorded and the actress did not attend. This caused Lisa to leave confusing and murky comments under the revealing publication of her co-star.

& # 39; Is everything ok? Everything is alright? "Rinna wrote in a comment.

She added: ‘Denise, are you alright? You never showed up on Dorit Saturday night. We were all very worried about you. What happened?! You said you were coming, you met Garcelle. We never heard from you. What happened? & # 39;

The grammar then closed Lisa's messages through Twitter.

‘Denise didn't leave #rhobh, and Rinna, you throw your friend under the bus. What about calling her to see how she is and stop tweeting about it? "

To which Rinna claimed that she personally approached Richards.

Camille responded to a fan who told him that Lisa didn't really communicate personally and that she did it on social media.

In another tweet, Camille accused one of RHOBH's stars of hiring a private investigator to "tear down,quot; a housewife last season.

She went on to say that she was "vindictive and cruel."


Who do you think Camille refers to?

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