Toya Wright's daughter, Reginae Carter shows fans her secret to perfect skin


Toya Wright's eldest daughter, Reginae Carter, has always impressed fans with her shiny, flawless skin, and they've been asking her her secret more than once. Well, it seems that one of his secrets is the product he advertises in his social media account.

Check out the post he shared in his IG below.

‘@AncientCosmetics I love your natural products on my skin. Go to Follow @AncientCosmetics ❣️ ’Nae captioned his post.

Someone told Toya's daughter: "Don't change ANYTHING about yourself physically! You are as perfect as it is!" CoCoNaeNae ".

Another follower criticized Nae's hair and posted this: "This hair, girl, I love you, but baby, take off some hairs," and someone else said: "Your products are really great! Your shea butter is all & # 39; & # 39;

Someone else said: & # 39; You are too cute, baby and I love you because you never let your hate affect you & # 39 ;. I need an answer, I will be so happy❤️❤️❤️❤️YASS AM A fan of you # much love from NIGERIA babe. & # 39;

A follower defended Nae from the enemies that criticized Nae's hair in the photo: & # 39; The whole message he was trying to portray was about products on your skin … and you all were worried about his hair society in these days … how celebrities can be regular for and she got money to fix it, the question is, right?

A fan told Nae: "Keep blessing yourself and your family. Happy holidays too."


Nae also made fans happy the other day, when she shared some photos on her social media account where she was just a girl, and fans are crazy about this.

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