The truth about the current relationship of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston


For those who are still sending Brad Pitt and Jennifer AnistonIt was a dream setting.

Because there was the boy with linen hair, who was sliding in the Sunset Tower of West Hollywood to celebrate his ex-wife's 50th birthday along with people like George Clooney, Amal Clooney, Reese witherspoon, Robert Downey Jr., Ellen Degeneres, Barbara Streisand, Kate Hudson, Laura Dern, Demi moore, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

It was a guest list so full of stars that it could easily be confused with the Academy Awards, but for many pop culture fans, Pitt was the only appearance that mattered. Coming almost a year to the date after Aniston's surprising announcement that she and Justin Theroux he had finished his union for two and a half years was he sign: clearly the universe had straightened up and the golden couple in Hollywood were getting together, their divorce in 2005 and subsequent marriages were only an unfortunate break of 14 years.

So we all create a tequila, lime juice and Cointreau margarita (without sugars, without agave) and celebrate, right?

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While, in fact, there may be a reason for a spree, it is more than everyone involved in this incredibly painful situation has found a way to close the door to the past and be cordial. Milestones birthdays can have that effect.

A source told E! News: "Someone extended Brad's invitation to go to Jen's party and he accepted. He wanted to support Jen and it was a momentous occasion."

If you want to return the favor and send a text message for your 56th birthday today, it would be fine too. After all, they alone They met at Aniston's annual Christmas party. "They don't talk often, but when they do it is very warm and positive," a source said. "It is not as important to them as it is to everyone around them." That is why not half of the former golden couple is stressed by the fact that they can cross next month at the Golden Globes, where each of their recent projects is looking for awards.

"They have been in contact for the past few years and speak occasionally. If they meet, they will congratulate and exchange jokes. They want the best for each other," the source explained. "There are no problems to be in the same place at the same time."

Such was the case at the Aniston February party, with the star of The Morning Show making the conscious decision to include everyone who had had some kind of impact on their lives.

Pitt wasn't even his only former present, with John mayer doing the rounds just a few steps from his other ex Katy Perry and his new boy Orlando Bloom. Pitt's ex-fiancee Gwyneth Paltrow He was also present, dragging the birthday girl to the photo booth for a click. Basically, the event was a gigantic spectacle about what happens when everyone acts as adults about the whole situation: when your friend asks you to come and celebrate his existence, you deal with the fact that he can put you face to face. Face with a former lover.

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"Every person who loves Jen attended. That included Brad," a source said. People. "The party was a celebration of Jen's life. Brad, for a long time, was a very important part of Jen's life. He debated back and forth with friends if he should invite him." In the end, the source continued, she was "very happy,quot; that he showed. "Many of his close friends were also at the party."

Which is good, because Aniston really didn't have time to play the babysitter. While greeting Pitt with a hug and taking time to chat quickly, the source told him People"Jen was busy making sure all her other guests had a great time."

With the pool and the back bar of the hotel terrace adorned with white flowers and candles in abundance and a DJ hired for the occasion, the atmosphere was ready for fun and all the bold names took turns greeting the birthday girl and offering toast "It was a social evening with many people who have been part of his life," the source told E! News. In other words, don't read too much about the fact that Pitt joined. "They are definitely not dating or on that path. They are friendly, but that's it."

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However, considering its history, that is quite impressive.

Staying friends with an ex is difficult, even harder when you ever thought of them as His person, with which you would maneuver for the rest of your life. Paired by their agents in the spring of 1998, Pitt, having consolidated his status as a movie star with Legends of the Fall, Se7en and Twelve monkey, and the friends Outstanding I knew "on our first date,quot; that they were going to stop being one of the most successful pairing efforts in history, she would say Diane Sawyer in January 2004. Although he was careful not to say it at that time, he revealed in that interview: "I thought about it."

Still, eager to preserve what was happening between them in that important phase of meeting you, they remained intentionally cautious, even when Pitt was seen in the friendsThe party of the hundredth episode that falls or takes the birthday girl to Acapulco for a joint celebration of Valentine's Day-30th birthday next February.

Costar Kudrow shared his opinion about his successful pairing with Rolling Stone in March 1999. "There is not much to say about them because there are no problems," he shared. "Both are light years ahead of themselves. Do you know how your grandparents have a certain perspective on life? They have it now."

But when asked to give his own thoughts, Aniston was less anxious to please. "Oh, I hate this! I can't talk about that," he told the magazine. "I'm sorry. I'm not holding back, just preserving something that is mine." Concerned that talking about their romance "trivializes something that is nobody's business,quot;, she would only offer a common place: "I will only tell you that this is the happiest moment of my life, that I am happier than I have ever been ". "I don't say why, it's for many reasons: work, love, family, just life, everything."

That fall, the duo made their red carpet debut, their matching tan and perfectly stylized braids made them the king and queen of the Emmy's prom. Who cared that Aniston was one year after being nominated?

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And the following summer, they officially cemented their status as he powerful couple leading the Hollywood food chain. Somehow, his millionaire votes of July 29, 2000 on a cliff in Malibu were as silent as his initial courtship with the guests, including that of Aniston. friends Cohorts and Pitt & # 39; s Fight club co-star Edward NortonHaving to use pins to pass security guards on the private estate. But it did quench the thirst of fans with some key details, sharing a single black and white photo of Aniston in her dress by Lawrence Steele and Pitt with her tuxedo Hedi Slimane and select portions of her endearing votes. Pitt promised to divide the difference in the thermostat, while Aniston promised to always make his favorite banana smoothie.

"I had those typical concerns the day before my wedding," Aniston reminded Rolling Stone in September 2001, "but the day of, I was just excited in a good way. The good thing about weddings now is that it's not just a girl thing. It's a team effort. The stereotype used to be grumbling men, like, & # 39; Why? Are you making me do this? There's nothing more moving than seeing a man cry at his own wedding. "

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And with that milestone firmly in bed, fans began eagerly anticipating the next one.

Aniston agreed to the talk about babies: "I always thought of two or three children, but Brad is definitely seven years old. He loves the idea of ​​a big family," he said in the May 2001 issue of Vanity fair"He also hinted that life with her best friend was not all the best and a shared production company." (The couple joined the deceased agent Brad Gray to form Plan B Entertainment, which is still part of Pitt's portfolio, as it produces award-winning rates such as 12 years of slavery and Moonlight—In November 2001.)

"This has been the most difficult year of my life, as well as the best year of my life," he said. "Marriage brings out all the things I pushed: fears, distrust, doubts, insecurities. It's like opening Pandora's box. Every question arises: it's like: & # 39; Here's the key, do it ! & # 39; "

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By 2003, they seem to have solved it more or less, and Aniston admits that W That February, of course, have arguments like any normal couple that has to discover how to live together. "Well, we have discussions," he said. "I am not a fan of fighting when he is screaming. I like to achieve something. But I don't trust a couple that says they don't fight."

A good answer and easy to identify, but the writer noted that she seemed more frustrated when asked if Pitt was the love of her life, an apparent softball question that the actress thought about a lot. "Is it the love of my life? I think you're always wondering: & # 39; Are you the love of my life? & # 39;", He shared. "I mean, I don't know, I've never been someone who says: & # 39; It's the love of my life & # 39; it certainly is a great love in my life. I know we have something special, especially in all this chaos. this crazy, bright, wonderful and hard business that we have, it is good to have someone who is anchored and knows you, really knows All of you. "

In other words, yes, it was practically. Aniston was not the ones who talked at all.

But his naked honesty triggered a series of rumors that the golden pair was falling apart and forced Aniston to clarify his stance in his 2004 session with Sawyer. Noticing that he hated to read the writer's response about his answer, particularly his belief that he paused before speaking, he told Sawyer: "I can't imagine being with any other human being. I married him because it was love of my life,quot;. You know, it's the funniest thing I've ever had, so when these things are written in magazines and taken out of context, it's very frustrating because people take it and run with it … Jesus, we got divorced and moved to different houses ".

And although Aniston's characterization of how split speculation can rage in Hollywood was right, sometimes such stories turn out to be true. Because that spring Pitt would begin filming his latest action adventure movie about married killers, without knowing it, the task of killing each other. Originally set to star Nicole Kidman, Mr. and Mrs. Smith would introduce Pitt acting in front of that peculiar young single mother, Angelina Jolie.

"I didn't know much about exactly where Brad was in his personal life," Jolie said later in the January 2007 issue of Fashion. "But it was clear that he was with his best friend, someone he loves and respects. And then, we both lived, I guess, very full lives … I think we were the last two people looking for a relationship. It certainly wasn't. I was quite happy to be a single mother. "

But, as anyone with a passing interest in pop culture now knows, this is not how this particular story developed. "Because of the movie, we ended up getting together to do all these crazy things, and I think we found this strange friendship and association that suddenly happened," he shared. "I think a few months later I realized, & # 39; God, I can't wait to go to work & # 39; … Everything we had to do with each other, we found a lot of joy together and a lot of teamwork real. We become a kind of couple. "

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It was an interview that Aniston would later call "uncool,quot; in his own session with fashion and it was an adequate way to label the whole situation. Because on January 7, 2005, a few days after Aniston and Pitt went on a trip to Anguilla, an escape that would prove to be the last as a couple, they announced their decision to "formally separate," their statement was carefully prepared to They illustrate that this was because little more than two people separated. "For those who follow this kind of thing, we would like to explain that our separation is not the result of any of the speculations reported by the sensationalist media.

Of course, it became a media circus, however, a result that should have been expected in view of what happened next.

Because in April, Pitt and Jolie were photographed on a beach in Kenya playing with Jolie's son, who was then 3 years old. Maddox at a time that could only be classified as that of a happy family and by July they were willing to pose with a group of similar children for a photo W feature titled "Domestic Happiness,quot;.

It was the latter in particular that led Aniston to declare that his ex disappeared "a sensitivity chip,quot; when he granted his first post-divorce interview to Vanity fair in September of 2005. Although the picture of the beach was not so good either. "I can't say it was one of the best moments of my year," he admitted. "Who would deal with that and say: & # 39; It's not sweet! That seems funny! & # 39; But that happens. You joke and say: & # 39; What doesn't kill you makes you stronger & # 39 ; "

Because while this chapter of his personal narrative was not the best (the whole world speculating about if and how and why it had been abandoned) he was not here to be anyone's victim.

"Am I alone? Yes. Am I upset? Yes. Am I confused? Yes. Do I have my days in which I have organized a small party of pity for me? Absolutely," he reasoned. "But I'm doing very well too. I have an amazing support team and I'm a tough cookie."

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With the help of therapy, she insisted, she felt not only strong, but hopeful for what awaited her, just far away. "You can't let the devastation of a divorce take over and win, let it make you this bitter, closed, angry and skeptical person," he explained. "Then you are being a victim of that. You don't want to shut up your heart. You don't want to feel that when a marriage ends, your life ends. You can survive anything."

And although he admitted that he wished not to have to chart his personal survival course in front of an audience of millions, he had already reached the perfect coping strategy. Abandoning the spread of Beverly Hills that he once shared with Pitt, he had retired to a serenely equipped Malibu bungalow "in an effort to take care of me and my heart." It was a place where he could shout to the abyss of the Pacific Ocean ("Not too loud," he warned. "You don't want people to think you're crazy,quot;) and lean on their dearest friends.

And I could do it while sitting on the most comfortable and enveloping sofas.

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Because while she remained silent about the most unpleasant details of her separation from Pitt and her decision to flaunt her romance, she managed some relatively harmless blows. After all, he had to make fun of his new platinum cap ("Billy Idol called, he wants to be seen,quot;) and his inclination to fill his uncomfortable 12,000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion with awkward museum pieces. ("I definitely had his sense of style, and I definitely have my sense of style, and sometimes they collided. I didn't like the modern one so much,quot;).

When asked if he had hugged something after the separation, Nicole Kidman and her high heels replied: "I can have a comfortable sofa.

That initial interview was undoubtedly the most mine to tell Pitt things, but it wasn't the only one. Almost at any time, whether half of the couple opened their mouths since 2005 until, now, basically, their words were meant to be analyzed for signs that they were bothering or hugging their ex.

In some cases, it was deserved, like time fashion He splashed Aniston on the cover of December 2008 with the withdrawal appointment, "What Angelina did was very unpleasant."

Or the moment Pitt tried to hit himself and ended up landing his jab directly on his ex.

"I spent the 90s trying to hide, trying to avoid the cacophony of celebrities. I started to get tired of myself sitting on a sofa, holding a joint, hiding. I began to feel pathetic," Pitt said. parade in 2011. "It was very clear to me that I intended to try to find a movie about an interesting life, but I was not living an interesting life. I think my marriage had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that was not. "

As he unearthed the old story and apparently trying to drag his ex out of his own troubles, the normally affable star got into such hot water, he felt the need to explain himself in a statement to E! News. "It saddens me that this has been interpreted in this way (as a blow in Aniston). Jen is an incredibly generous, loving and hilarious woman who is still my friend. It is an important relationship that I value very much. The point I was trying to make It's not that Jen was bored, but that I was getting bored to myself, and I'm responsible for that. "

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Either way, by 2015 Aniston had finished the entire narrative. Yes, he had married a man who once declared his best friend and yes, everything fell apart in circumstances that could undoubtedly qualify as doubtful, but if they had not moved on and had done the job of successfully carrying out their own deal. for a while?

"The fact that it still follows you, I mean, I'm divorced. It has to be painful," said the journalist. Lee Cowan he asked the actress about CBS Sunday Morning, while interposing his own feelings about the people raising his former marriage.

"However, it doesn't seem painful," Aniston replied. "I think it's a narrative that follows you because it's an interesting headline. It's more a media-driven issue." As it was the idea that she and Jolie were still at odds, the actress secretly delighted in the fact that those Kitson Team Aniston shorts outpaced Team Jolie many times. "I think it's time for people to stop with that petty B.S. and start celebrating a great job and stop with the little kind of stupidity," he said. ET Commenting on Jolie's nod to the best Critics director & # 39; Choice 2015 Intact. "It's tired and old. It's like an old leather shoe."

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Wishing to put the whole saga to bed, he reiterated that The Hollywood reporter That same year she has no ill will or other feelings similarly charged towards her ex or her girlfriend.

"We are not in daily communication. But we want nothing more than wonderful things for each other," he told the store. "No one did anything wrong. Do you know what I mean? It was like, sometimes things (happen). If the world could only stop with the stupid bulls of soap operas, t. There is no story. I mean, at this point it is beginning to be, please give more credit to these human beings. "

Then, while his fans, and the hundreds of memes they dreamed, imagined a presumed Aniston that he received the news of Pitt's separation from Jolie the following year, his role was more confident, a familiar voice that had been there, took over of that when it comes to the complete public break. A source told E! News at the time the couple was in contact, categorizing their relationship as "friendly, but limited."

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He has remained the same since then, despite those who expect him to be in Pitt's arms following his separation from Theroux. "Sometimes they send text messages and have exchanged a few words over the years, but there is nothing beyond that at the moment," a source told E! News of the time. "He wishes Brad a lot, but that was a lifetime ago and they were both very different people back then."

More than three years later, they are firmly in the category of casual friends, as they will be there for each other when the rain or drinks begin to rain. "Brad and Jen talk or text once in a while," the source tells E! News. "If something like a birthday or a great occasion arises, they will approach and congratulate each other. They show support or exchange funny stories."

So similar to the kind of relationship one could have with a high school girlfriend that they have been going on for a long time. "They don't talk or see each other all the time," says the source. "Currently they are not a big part of each other's life, but they wish each other well and have good memories of the good times they had together."

That is why Aniston, despite all the sad sack stories that tend to surround her, can label her two past unions as finally fruitful. "I don't feel a void. Not really," he explained in ElleThe January edition. "My marriages have been very successful, in my personal opinion. And when they came to an end, it was a choice we made because we chose to be happy, and sometimes happiness does not exist within that agreement anymore."

But that doesn't mean you can't share a daisy or a happy birthday wish among friends.

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