Tekashi 69 receives his sentence: he will serve 24 months in jail and five years of probation


A couple of days ago, word spread in the street and it wasn't just that Tekashi 69 was about to get out of jail. Fans were really excited after this news.

The Shade Room shared a video a few days ago, pointing out the fact that the young rapper could be on the streets in a couple of days.

But it seems that after all, the final sentence is inside, and it looks a little different. Still, it is less than people expected.

The Shade Room published: ‘Despite previous reports that he was possibly released in a completed verdict, he will remain behind bars. Judge Engelmayer acknowledges that Tekashi did a great thing in cooperating with the federals, but says he doesn't believe that 13 months behind bars is a sentence hard enough for the crimes in which he participated. "

They also reported that the judge said the following: ‘I cannot agree with your lawyer that the time served is appropriate. In my opinion, your behavior is too violent and selfish. "

‘The judge's verdict is inside! "Tekashi69 will serve 24 months in prison with five years of supervised freedom!" TSR reported after that.

Fans of the young rapper were still happy for him, but those who hate believe this is an injustice.

Someone said: "If I were dark skinned, I would have been 50 years old," and another follower published this: "This man must have God as his lawyer."

Another follower said: "Lol, all those snitches and I still have to do two years."

Someone else said: ‘Release it. He has cooperated and done everything that is above and beyond. Let him live his life now. "


What do you think about this final verdict?

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