Teen Mom – Kailyn Lowry leaves the set during the meeting


Third part of the Teen mom 2 Special meeting aired this week, and star Kailyn Lowry left the set after a communication collapse with MTV host Ness Diab. It happened when Lowry was trying to help keep the stars from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant He broke up to avoid a fight, and when Diab told him to "sit there," Lowry misunderstood what he was saying.

The 27-year-old was sitting among the cast members of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant because star Ashley Jones had accused her co-stars, Kayla Sessler, Brianna Jaramillo and Rachel Beaver, of leaving her out of her clique.

When Diab said, "Kail, sit there," he was referring to Lowry to move to a seat that was farther from the group rather than in the middle. But Lowry thought he was directing her offstage and was offended.

Lowry got up and asked "What?" Before leaving the set. "Oh! Goodbye! Goodbye Nessa, see you later," added the mother of three.

This meeting has not been easy for Lowry. She admitted during the first part that she was having a difficult time with her ex Chris Lopez, who is the father of her two-year-old son, Lux Russell.

Lowry told Dr. Drew that "shared parenting,quot; was not happening because Lopez needed to work on himself and go to therapy. She revealed that Lopez had not seen Lux in a long time, but would when the time was right.

Lowry, who is also Isaac's mother, 9, with her ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, and Lincoln, 6, with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin, admitted that he tried for a long time to rekindle his romance with Lopez after the birth of Lux But, he gave up earlier this year because things had become "horrible,quot; and he no longer had any expectations that they could solve things.

"Literally, I don't even know what to think right now. I can't change my mind. I've walked in my truth," Lowry said. People magazine.

Lowry added that she has ruined other relationships for Lopez, but it never worked. At this point, Lowry says that he cannot convince Lopez of what he has done to him, and that he has stayed long enough.

Kailyn Lowry says that when it comes to Chris Lopez, things are "really good or really bad."


Teen mom 2 He will return to MTV in 2020 with all new episodes.

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