Reviewing Katie Holmes and The Khaite Scarlett Cardigan and Eda Bralette on their 41st birthday


A photo of Katie Holmes calling a taxi is circling again now that the actress turns 41 on December 18, 2019. The viral moment occurred when Katie was photographed last August calling a taxi with a cashmere sweater and bralette Khaite NY The sweater slipped revealing Katie's underwear and the Internet exploded! It was one of the best unintentional marketing campaigns that any company could have asked for. Scarlett Cardigan and Eda Bralette quickly sold out and Khaite took advantage on Wednesday to share her thanks with Katie and wish her a happy birthday.

The viral photo was a coincidence that happened spontaneously. Katie's gray sweater looked amazing with the blurry background behind her that consisted of the same shades and hues that appeared in her outfit. Katie didn't have a drop of fat on her body and when she reached out to call the taxi, her sweater opened and you could see the cashmere bra underneath. When people saw the demand for photos for the cashmere set soared!

Katie looked casual, but elegant, with her hair pulled up while wearing a pair of sunglasses. Her face had no makeup and looked like a beautiful woman who was busy living her best life while being captured at a time in New York.

Katie shared the photo along with the following legend in honor of Katie's birthday.

“The happiest birthday, Sagittarius, @ katieholmes212 exhibiting a historic moment for our Scarlett Cardigan and Eda Bralette. We are forever grateful! ❤️ "

You can see the photo below.

Katie is a fashion icon and people often comment on the outfits she wears. She has a special ability to make clothes and personalize them with objects of life, yes, objects. It's not uncommon to see Katie on the run, living her busy life while holding a cup of coffee or even a cup of Starbucks that dramatically complements her outfit!

On her 41st birthday, fans share photos of Katie and discuss her unique but enviable fashion style that has made her an undeniable trend brand. Katie may have closed her own fashion line (she was in a society), but fans agree that fashion is in Katie's blood.


Happy birthday, Katie Holmes!

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