Prince William and Kate Middleton have "an old-fashioned marriage,quot;


Everyone knows that Prince William will one day be the King of England. But, when it comes to their life at home with Kate Middleton, the couple has a strong partnership and they work together as a team.

An insider recently said People magazine that William and Kate have different roles in their marriage, but they team up and are "a great double act."

"They take care of each other but in different ways," says the source. "Some people might say it is an outdated marriage, but it seems to work."

The royal high-ranking source noted that the association of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was obvious during their recent royal tour of Pakistan. The source explained that people do a lot of William giving great speeches, but Kate is always by his side. And, she is asking the presidents and their wives questions.

"These things are easier when they are side by side," the source said.

They added that the Foreign Office, which is where all royalty travel decisions are made when Queen Isabel's family members travel on behalf of the Commonwealth, believes that William and Kate together are a "mass asset." And they also believe that the public perception of the couple is "strong."

After their successful trip to Pakistan, the source says that William and Kate will make two tours abroad in 2020.

Prince William is a few years older than being king. His grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, is 93 years old and apparently has no plans to retire soon. And his father, Prince Charles, is 71 years old and is the heir to the throne.

Despite his parents' divorce when he was a small child, and tragically losing his mother when he was only 15 years old, William had a family and a support system that grew. And, since he started dating Kate in 2003, he has also had the support of his family, including his parents Carole and Michael Middleton.


Still, William has been prepared for his role as monarch since the day he was born. And, real historian Robert Lacey says that William is "better established and better punished,quot; compared to the other monarchs in recent history, including his father.

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