Megan Thee Stallion explains why she is still in college despite her successful rap career


Megan Thee Stallion has been working very hard on her music, but that doesn't mean she is planning to leave her education behind and just focus on her career. During a new interview, he explained why, despite his growing success, he is still in school!

As fans may know, Megan is currently on track to obtain a degree from the University of South Texas.

While attending Brunch Variety Hitmakers earlier this month, he talked to HollywoodLife and told the media why he still attends college despite his superstar status.

‘My grandmother was a teacher, and I started when my mother was alive and I feel I could definitely see him. But it's for me, school and my music were, as I said, both of my As plan. So I have to see it, "she said.

About a year ago, Billboard reported that the rapper was studying to get her degree in health administration.

It is not clear if he is still studying or not in the same specialty, but Megan explained to the site that: "I just want to keep working harder and I guess it will be more successful." Everyone keeps asking me: "How do you feel?" And about what follows. And I think: "I don't even feel that I am where I want to be." So I just want to keep working harder. "


As for his career in the music industry, Megan revealed that the collaboration of his dreams would definitely be with Beyonce.

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