Lori Loughlin reportedly feels that she was cheated by Rick Singer: he thought it was a donation


Lori Loughlin, the Fuller House Star, reportedly, felt cheated by the intellectual author behind the university admission scandal, Rick Singer. Reported on page six, the media states that the star believes he did not know he was participating in a scandal.

The actress alleged that Mr. Rick Singer gave the impression that half a million dollars were not used to bribe her daughter to enter the University of Southern California. Reportedly, it suggests that Singer never revealed that it was an illegal scam.

The source who spoke with the publication stated that "Rick Singer cheated on Lori," adding that "there was no other way,quot; to describe what happened. Lori reportedly thought he was only making a donation to the university as all other parents have done.

As previously reported, the 55-year-old actress and her 56-year-old husband pleaded not guilty to the charges of having paid Singer a large sum of money for her daughters to be recruited at the University of Southern California as a crew team . members.

The insider continued to explain the points mentioned above, in particular, that Lori did not believe she was doing anything illegal. The idea that he was not committing illicit behavior is why she and Mossimo decided to plead not guilty.

Lori and her man are analyzing serious charges, including the conspiracy to commit bribes, electronic fraud and money laundering. So far, Singer, the alleged leader of the scam, has been charged with a series of crimes that include the obstruction of justice, the conspiracy to defraud the US. UU., The money laundering conspiracy and organized crime.

People magazine also reported that Lori and Mossimo believe they were acting in good faith. Earlier last week, Loughlin and Giannulli filed documents in the US District Court of Massachusetts. UU. Asking Singer's statements to the FBI that they hoped would help strengthen his case.


In addition, a source said that Lori really believes she will be exonerated for the crime because she never intended to do anything wrong. In addition, the insider said that the prosecution is trying to give examples to people.

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