Lisa Rinna casts shadow on Denise Richards for skipping the final recording of the RHOBH season!


Lisa Rinna turned to social media to seemingly hit her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Denise Richards after the latter skipped the final shooting of the season! According to Lisa, Denise "never showed up."

In addition, one of Lisa's co-stars also thought about this and it turns out she was not on his side!

Looks like a new reality show dispute could begin!

Rinna seemed to shade Richards by leaving a couple of interesting comments on a photo Denise had posted about her body after hernia surgery.

"This was a couple of months ago and it turned out to be a good lesson to always listen to my body," Denise wrote in the caption before thanking the medical specialists who helped her.

In addition, she gave her husband, Aaron Phypers, a sweet greeting as well.

While the post seems healthy and inspiring, Lisa used it as an opportunity to attack Denise!

While most people sent their best wishes, Lisa asked some questions with a little shadow.

‘Denise are you alright? You never showed up on Dorit Saturday night, we were all really worried about you. What happened? ", He asked himself.

And that was not all! She continued: ‘You said you were coming, that you would meet Garcell. We never heard from you. What happened? Everything is alright? Are you all right? & # 39;

However, not long after, co-star Camille Meyer called Lisa for throwing her friend under the bus that way.

Then, Camille suggested that, instead of tweeting, maybe Lisa should call Denise and see how she is doing.


All this interaction on social networks seems to suggest that there will be a serious new drama next season! Are you waiting for it?

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