Lady Gaga wears Gabi Crystal hairpins in her hair at Haus Labs party


Lady Gaga is festive and glamorous in new photos and videos she shared on her official Instagram account. The multiple script is beautiful in bright roses and iridescent pearls while preparing for the holiday party at Haus Lab. Accentuating her appearance with a bit of crystal glitter, Lady Gaga wore shiny heart earrings and Jennifer Behr's Gabi glass hairpins. Fans recently saw Jennifer Aniston wearing one of Jennifer Behr's headbands when the friends The actress covered In Style magazine and reminded the world of its classic beauty. Lady Gaga shook her hairpin and the appearance of her photo was of timeless beauty.

Lady Gaga looked ultra feminine with soft pastel pink hair trimmed to the side with the beautiful hairpin. Haus Labs de Gaga's makeup is a success and with Gaga modeling the different looks, there was no doubt that it would not be a success.

Lady Gaga used the Glam Room No. 1 palette and her eyes were highlighted in a beautiful light pink color that made her hazel eyes highlight and acquire a blue hue.

She shared the following title along with the publication.

"Last night's look at @hauslabs 🌸 Wearing Glam Room Palette No. 1: FAME (Spotlight & Aplause), EYE-LIE-NER in Punk, RIP LIP LINER in Myth and LE RIOT LIP GLOSS in Ethereal ✨"

You can see the photo and video that Lady Gaga shared with her 38.6 million Instagram followers below.

Here is the photo of Jennifer Aniston with a Jennifer Behr headband. The ties have been very popular in 2019 and were seen everywhere, from hairpieces to the front and the center of the dresses on the red carpet. Lady Gaga's fork receives high praise and people claim to get some of Jennifer Behr's pieces for themselves.

Jennifer Behr also shared Lady Gaga's photo and included the following caption.

“I saw @ladygaga using the Gabi Crystal Bobby forks for a Christmas party, so * I * used the Gabi Crystal Bobby forks for a Christmas party. 💎 Touch yours 💎 "

She also shared a photo highlighting the Gabi Crystal Bobby Pin. You can see that photo below.

What do you think of the last photo of Lady Gaga and her hairpin?


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