Kirk Frost and Rasheeda are publicly proclaiming their mutual love for their 20th anniversary


Rasheeda Frost and Kirk Frost are celebrating their 20th anniversary. It was recently revealed that she shared an emotional message to mark this event on her social media account.

Now, it's Kirk's turn and he shared the same photo as Rasheeda, captioning it with the following words:

‘I'm very grateful to get to the 20th place with you @rasheeda Happy anniversary, baby, I love you to infinity # 2020 #frost # 20yearsmarried #frostfam #blessed’ Kirk captioned his post.

A fan said: "I wish many blessings for their lives, their families in Jesus Mighty Name," and another follower published this: "Oh, they are still together, all right! You have a woman who is not a wench and loyal. .. be loyal, black friend & # 39; & # 39;

Someone else said: "Kirk knows that he understood. Continuing with Rasheeda what God united, that no one separate … she completes it."

A follower posted this: amo I love you and all that they represent 😍 I wish you many more Anniversaries come ’and another commentator writes: Beautiful Congratulations Pretty People !! ❤️❤️ 20,000 more to go! God bless you always 👑 @rasheeda @ frost117 💯 ’

Someone told the Kirks: "You are my favorite couple ❤️ happy anniversary and many, many more!"

A follower said: & # 39; Wow, that's a 20-year blessing … Happy anniversary to you two … my pastors have been married for 60 years and they make the affirmation of marriage every year6 or whoever wants to join them to get married again on the 5th Sunday of December 2019..God bless you all😘 & # 39;

Someone else shared this: "Happy anniversary to you and @rasheeda, I hope you live to see many more anniversaries to come," they are all my favorite love and hip-hop couple in Atlanta. "


He published some photos and also an emotional message dedicated to her husband with whom she has gone through really difficult times, but the couple managed to overcome the problems and remained united.

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