Kari Jobe, Danny Gokey and Darlene Zschech join those of the Church of California who believe in the resurrection of a two-year-old girl


It would be a Christmas miracle like no other. An anguished family whose two-year-old daughter was pronounced dead by doctors is not ready to stop believing in a miracle to bring her back. Now, a viral prayer movement that is joined by a virtual who is who of the Christian ministry joins the family while they pray for the resurrection of Olive Alayne Heiligenthal, the daughter of Andrew and Kalley Heiligenthal, members of the Bethel Church. According to reports, little Olive suddenly stopped breathing and was pronounced dead on Saturday, December 14, 2019. Andrew and Kalley shared a message on Instagram asking for prayer and Christian musicians and leaders like Kari Jobe, Darlene Zcehech and even the end of American Idol Danny Gokey is praying for Olive to come back to life.

Some have even left messages that call it "O-Live." At this time, a cause of death has not been published. The family said that little Olive simply stopped breathing.

Every day, Kalley has shared a new message that indicates that today is a good day for the resurrection. You can see the post that Kalley shared on his Instagram account where he asked for resurrection prayers for Olive below.

Now, prayer requests are receiving global attention and more and more people are evaluating the faith of the family and the focus of the church to believe in a resurrection miracle. It goes without saying that negative comments are beginning to flood the family's Instagram posts and some accuse parents of brainwashing them. The family has kept their messages positive and full of faith.

You can watch a shared video of one of the services at Bethel Church in California below.

On the fifth day, Kalley shared a picture of Olive along with the following title.

“Day 5 is a very good day for the resurrection. I have never been so grateful for Jesus. He is infinitely worthy of our love, trust, faith and risk. "

What you think? Do you think Olive can return from the dead? Do you believe that prayer and faith can result in resurrection miracles?


Stay tuned for more information on this developing story.

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