Kandi Burruss makes fans laugh with this parody video with herself and NeNe Leakes – Watch it here


Kandi Burruss made his fans day with a video that says he received from his cousin. Count on her and Nene Leakes, but there are some voices off, which will make you laugh, as if there were no tomorrow.

Watch the funny clip below. Some of Kandi's fans said they watched the video several times.

‘My cousin @ kyr0n sent me this! Dem @demillecoleheard made me laugh! 🤣🤣🤣 #RHOA ’Kandi captioned his post.

Someone said: "I've been seeing this in repetition for the past 7 minutes,quot; and another follower posted this: "I know he didn't use the song of beauty and the beast, I just …"

A fan wrote: "You,quot; I don't think "the cracks and the races, they took me out!" And another excited commentator posted: "You were doing everything possible to say nothing that Nene could take and run back with that!" You're the most real on Bravo TV! "

Someone else has said: ‘Lol, you can tell Kandi wasn't trying to participate in the conversation at all! Congratulations to @kandi for being real! "

Another follower said: alguien Somebody help me !!!! I'm screaming, I can't stop laughing !!!!! 😂 ’

A fan wrote: ‘That damn @neneleakes said Porsha needs to check on PetSmart!’

An Instagram installer wrote: that This old post of "damn … I thought we were friends,quot;. @ porsha4real … all of you are gone and keep enrolling in this drama, huh? None of you are friends. Don't let an apology fool you. "

Apart from this, Kandi made her fans happy with a recent announcement.


He proudly revealed that his daughter, Riley Burruss, has just been accepted to a prestigious university, and that she shouldn't be happier.

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