Jay-Z got too close to Aaliyah in the photos that appeared: fans wonder if Dame Dash was telling the truth.


The previous relationship between Jay-Z and Aaliyah is still under much speculation, despite the long period that has passed since the two had something between them.

Many have been saying that this story should rest, especially in light of what happened to Aaliyah later, but it does not seem that this will happen soon.

On the contrary, fans recently saw the release of new photos of a party around the year 2000, which seems to show that Jay-Z and Aaliyah get quite comfortable with each other.

A source said The Daily Mail that the photos were taken at a party in 2000 when Jay, 30, single, and Aaliyah, 21, had a relationship.

The person declared: "Jay-Z had just had a great success with Big Pimpin," and decided to celebrate this party with Damon and the rest of his team for the fourth of July. Diddy was there too. Now that Damon has said what he said, everything makes sense. Jay-Z was all over Aaliyah. They were hugging, and you could see there was a chemistry between them. I knew Damon was going out with her, so I thought it was a little strange. "

This has rekindled rumors that the rapper was going to meet Aaliyah, despite controversial responses to his intentions.

Many of his fans have been critical of him for his alleged actions, and some have denounced him for what they described as inappropriate behavior because the deceased diva was dating his friend Dame Dash.

At the same time, others have defended Jay-Z, noting that the situation was quite different during the time he was supposedly involved with Aaliyah, and pointing out the various specific details of what was happening around him.

Jay-Z himself has not commented much on the new developments, and it seems that the rapper has really been trying his best to avoid calling attention to himself in the light of what happened.

Jay-Z, who is now married to Beyonce, has lately been dealing with his own problems with his image, which could explain his more distant attitude.

Dame said this recently on the subject: “I didn't want to fall in love with Aaliyah, and she was so cool. But you know, we were both going hard … everyone was trying to get to Aaliyah, it wasn't just Jay. "

He continued to reveal: “I didn't know Jay was trying to yell at him, but then it happened like that. I tried and I tried. Everyone tried, he was trying very hard. ”


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