Cardi B's daughter, Kulture, shows her singing and dancing in a new adorable clip with her aunt!


He may only be 17 months old, but he already shows that Kulture Kiari has inherited his parents' talent! Her mother, Cardi B, turned to social networks to share a clip about her IG Stories that showed the girl singing "Head, shoulders, knees and toes."

That said, somehow, Baby Kulture managed to take the children's song and turn it into a first level performance.

Obviously, the master of ceremonies couldn't be more proud, so she hastened to share it with the world!

This time it's free, but very soon, people will have to pay to see little Kulture in concert, no doubt!

The video also features Cardi's younger sister and Kulture's aunt, Hennessy Carolina, cheering her on and singing the lullaby with the boy.

While the two sit on a white bench surrounded by beautiful Christmas decorations and Cardi records, Hennessy asks Kulture: Lis Ready? Ready to sing with your aunt? "While the music starts playing in the background.

And she was as ready as ever! After his aunt's countdown, Kulture began to sing and make the hand movements perfectly.

Cardi was really excited, as evidenced by the fact that she joined singing here and there too.

In the caption, she wrote: "My babies ❤️❤️", talking about the beautiful interaction of her sister and daughter.

Hennessy also hastened to write in the comments section: UN AUNTIESSSSS SMART BABYYYYYY. I love Herrr taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan: ’)))).’


Many of Cardi's followers also rushed to praise the girl, noting that she seems to already love facing the camera! An artist born like her rapper parents!

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