Cardi B gives a fridge full of a lot of money in wild video, but Kulture's parents can't decide how to spend it


It seems that Cardi B and Offset are competing for who will make the most impressive birthday present for each other.

Initially, it began with Cardi's birthday in October, and Offset seemed to have no limits in trying to spoil his partner.

He surprised Cardi with a vacation and a giant ring with a precious stone, which he called the diamond "Titanic,quot;. Later, it was revealed that the cost of the elegant piece of jewelry was one million dollars.

In addition to the material gifts, Offset gave her lady a more sentimental one, since he participated in a drinking game for her, even if she doesn't normally drink.

Recently, it was Cardi's turn to return the favor as her boyfriend's birthday approached in December. The woman was not far behind, and shared a video clip of her amazing Offset with a gift on her Instagram.

In the video, Cardi can be heard explaining how difficult it was to make a gift for someone who had everything he needed.

The "I like,quot; interpreter began to list how Offset had each car, each jewelry store, and asked what else she could give before shouting enthusiastically at the nearby refrigerator.

At first, everyone seemed confused before it was understood that Offset's gift was there, and his surprise was half a million dollars in cash for him.

Although Cardi said that Offset had full freedom on how to spend the money, she still hinted at it, and he could buy her more luxurious bags.

However, the rapper must have had something different in mind because the couple was seen celebrating in a strip club with a bag full of money later.

One person had this reaction: "Your reaction is so beautiful!" But he's right, don't cheat us anymore, live your happy life forever! ❤️PS: I want $ 500,000 for my birthday, baby girl. ”

A second comment said: “A fridge to keep all the ice cold ❄️ That's a dream come true baby 💕💕💕 I can't wait to do that for my husband 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 You're all Cardi 💞💞 💞💞. "

This follower added: "You can buy me more Birkin bags." You did well little sister ❤️ look him in the face 🥰 bless them all ”.


Cardi likes to please his man.

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