Angelina Pivarnick took only a few photos at her wedding. Here is why he blames his Jersey Shore co-stars for it!


Angelina Pivarnick's wedding was not what she imagined! Also, as a result, he doesn't have many photos of what should have been one of the best days of his life.

And as her bridesmaids annoyed her and hurt her a lot for roasting her during her speech, the Jersey Shore star also blames Deena, Snooki and JWoww for the lack of photos of her special day!

A privileged information report claims to know that looking back, even though she ended up in tears (and not the happy guy), Angelina wishes she and her new husband Chris Larangeira have more photos at their wedding.

One main reason why I wish they had more tangible memories of the wedding reception is the fact that their mother-in-law suffers from cancer and it would have been nice to take more photos with her and with all the other attendees.

That said, obviously she thinks the speech of the bridesmaids is mainly the culprit!

The source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Angelina still feels devastated after her wedding for many reasons, the main one is that she didn't get photos with Chris's mother who has cancer and was diagnosed 3 weeks before her wedding. She barely has pictures of her wedding day and blames her bridesmaids and her speech because she left for a long time because she was so upset and missed the planned photos she was going to take. "


They continued explaining: "His co-stars knew how sick Chris's mother was,quot; and still continued with his speech. Nor did he get photos with his family and family together and all of Chris's groomsmen due to the speech. Angelina was crying upstairs and needed time to recover, that's why she missed so many photos. "

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