Ammika Harris shows her post-baby belly and reveals that she underwent a C-section!


Ammika Harris is a new mother and, although she is crazy about it, her first pregnancy and childbirth was not easy in the least! Chris Brown's baby mom talked about the whole trip in a new clip he posted today on his Instagram account.

It turns out that he is still healing after undergoing a C-section to give birth to his baby, Aeko.

Not only that, but he has also gained some weight that he can't wait to shed.

After keeping everything secret, Ammika did not shy away from showing her belly after pregnancy in a video she posted through IG Stories.

"At the beginning of my pregnancy I weighed 108 pounds, in the end I weighed 157 pounds, it was huge," he wrote next to the footage showing his belly.

The young mother also revealed that she learned to be patient when it comes to her recovery process, so that's good.

‘During my pregnancy, I said to myself: I need to return to my normal size as soon as possible. I would say: "I will give myself 2 weeks." I didn't know what to expect after giving birth. Especially after caesarean section. 2 weeks was impossible. Your body really needs time to recover and you should also give your uterus time to shrink. Now I am 4 weeks after delivery. This is my belly today. Two more weeks until I can start training again, "Ammika shared with her many followers.

Just one day before her honest note, Ammika also admitted that she was not happy with her body after pregnancy.

It was in response to a follower and a mother of two children, telling her that she was an inspiration when it came to recovering her pre-baby body.


Ammika, who generally does not interact with fans online, told him to be patient and admitted that he was also far from his ideal after giving birth to his son.

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