Why was 2019 the year the single nation really felt love?


In Single Earth, there are some constants.

Lead will kiss with someone in a hot tub. Chris Harrison will promote the end as the most dramatic. And someone, usually multiple people, will be accused of not being there for "the right reasons."

With more than 25 applicants launched each season, it is inevitable that at least a few sign with sponsorship visions, a podcast and, dare to dream, their own stab to hand out roses, dancing in their head. But last year he showed that most of the contestants are really interested in finding love, if not with Bachelor or Bachelorette (which is an opportunity between 25 and all), at least on the beaches of Mexico or in some other Nation Bachelor group hang up.

Thanks to several new links, five commitments and three extraordinary weddings, everything turned into roses and the future seems promising enough that Harrison has decided it is time to make it official and rely on his second act as an ordained minister. Because for each Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton sending back your Neil Lane ornament (pour some champagne for your broken engagement) there is a Kendall Long and Joe Amabile just crying out for their services.

So, if you accept our invitation to give up whatever you were working on before clicking on this link, we will guide you through this year's trip to Bachelor Nation.


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