Video of Candice Patton with Married J.R. Smith Leaks, his wife cries on Instagram

<pre><pre>Video of Candice Patton with Married J.R. Smith Leaks, his wife cries on Instagram

In the video of the Las Vegas party, the actress of & # 39; The Flash & # 39; It is sinking near the crotch of the NBA player with his tongue out as if he were about to give him a fellatio.

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What happened in Las Vegas definitely did not stay in Las Vegas in the case of Candice Patton and J.R. Smith. A video that showed them at the Halloween party in Las Vegas appeared on the Internet. The actress made a suggestive gesture when the basketball player stood near her.

"The flash"The actress wearing a Cruella de Vil costume was falling for the camera. While crouching near Smith's crotch, she stuck out her tongue as if she were going to practice oral sex with the Cleveland Cavaliers athlete. She showed a big smile while He was smiling at his pranks.

According to reports, the images were taken at Cosmopolitan by the CW actress of Patton. Vanessa Morgan since "Riverdale"She approved of Patton and Smith, calling them the" sexiest couple "despite being a married man with children." Yes! Yes! "Said the woman who took the video.

Just after the deleted video reappeared, Smith's wife, Jewel Harris, posted a video of her own. Wearing a "I love you" baseball cap, he struggled to find the words to explain how he felt about his possible deception. In the clip recorded inside a car, she was close to tears and said she was injured.

Jewel said of her husband: "He has been too good to me" despite the scandal. Then she began to pray for her husband and her family before crying at the end of the video. "Please keep my heart pure," he said with tears on his face.

Not to mention any name, Jewel, who has been married to Smith since 2016, continued: "I pray for my enemies, anyone who comes to marry and tries to attack my marriage." In the caption, he added: "Healing! Catch this good PRAYER!"

Smith has not made any comments since his alleged adventure was first exposed a couple of days ago. He often liked Patton's posts on Instagram and left comments on his page, but he suddenly deleted a lot of Instagram photos dating back to 2017. Meanwhile, Iris West-Allen from ArrowThe verse remained silent.



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