Ray J lands in more trouble after this confusing video appears when Princess Love prepares to give birth to her son


Although Ray J is generally very friendly and open to involving his fans in a positive way, it seems he has been in a different mood lately, probably in light of all the developments around Princess Love and his personal life in general. .

Recently, a video appeared showing a fan trying to take a selfie with Ray J and was immediately turned off by him.

He does not seem to like the idea of ​​taking a photo with other people at this time, at least of the female gender, and that situation could continue for quite some time, judging by the way things have gone.

One person said this: "I was definitely telling him to jump to the other side, and you can see the passenger side door open and all smh #dog."

Another commenter said: “I was telling him to jump somewhere before I noticed the video. This is sad, why would I try? Knowing that he has a pregnant wife at home, he has a really brutal atmosphere.

A third follower added: "Bihhhh he said,quot; jump on the other … "she: come on honey (maybe scratch anything) and said no right now 🧐 I really pray for the princess because he is too messy 🙄" .

Meanwhile, reports continue to paint the situation between Ray J and Princess Love in a challenging light, with many implications that things between the two are far from being good at this time.

While it is not clear how far they will go before shedding some additional light on their problems, it is increasingly clear that they are not exactly in a good place at this time.


It has even been speculated that their relationship could have ended. This time, it is not a rumor; Princess Love has confessed to want a divorce.

However, it is remarkable that there is a lot of tension between them, and things have been growing quite badly in that direction.

Fans say that, hopefully, they will solve their problems before reaching a critical point.


Meanwhile, Princess Love is counting the days for the birth of her baby. Holidays and the arrival of a new baby could still change the dynamics in the family.

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