Lana Del Ray in the picture with the new boyfriend Sean Larkin


Lana Del Ray has a new man. On Monday, Lana uploaded a photo to her Instagram in which she was getting comfortable with her supposed new boyfriend, Sean Larkin. Page Six reported that the star captioned the image with orange and pink heart emojis.

Larkin, 46, is apparently a police officer and also hosts television shows such as PD Cam and Live PD. Larkin has two children, including a 22-year-old daughter and a son. Her age of 46 years makes Larkin about 12 years older than her.

As previously reported, rumors of a romance between them began to emerge when they were seen together in Central Park. The paparazzi photos showed them hanging and cheerful. Later, Lana admitted that she did not know they were being photographed and added that she would have put on something else if she had known.

Before she was linked to Sean, Lana Del Ray had a relationship with G-Eazy in 2017. The Daily Mail reported in September 2017 that the couple canceled their romance near the end of 2017, and then went on to date Halsey in her place.

It wasn't a big surprise for many of G-Eazy and Halsey's fans, considering that the rapper had used the singer to be on his album, more specifically, his song, "He and I." Originally, he chose to have Lana Del Ray on the track, but those plans obviously failed.

A source who spoke with the media, Sunday Mirror, in 2017, said that G-Eazy really wanted to see Lana Del Ray on the record, however, they separated and obviously changed their mind. Lana and G-Eazy were first seen in Coachella in April.

People close to the scene claimed that Lana and Young Gerrald looked very comfortable. A source described them as "very affectionate." At that time, G-Eazy was 27 years old and Lana Del Ray was 31 years old.


Reportedly, they traveled with the same group of people. As most know, G-Eazy's relationship with Halsey didn't end well either. At a later date, Halsey referred to him in an interview as a "kind of shit."

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