Keira Knightley and Thomas Brodie-Sangster have gone viral in a new tweet and fans are actually losing their minds


Since its launch in 2003, the romantic comedy Love actually It has become a favorite at Christmas for fans around the world. But more than 15 years later, new details about the film that have surprised fans still emerge. The last detail refers to the age difference between the stars Keira Knightley and Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

In the film, Knightley played the newlywed Juliet, who discovers that Mark, her husband's best friend, played by Andrew Lincoln, has romantic feelings for her. One of the most iconic scenes in the movie showed Mark standing at Juliet's door, quietly expressing his feelings through a series of handwritten cards while Christmas music plays in his boombox.

Another cast member was Brodie-Sangster, who played the role of Sam, a high school student who learns to play drums to impress his crush, Joanna.

When the film was released, Brodie-Sangster was 13 and Knightley was 18. Now, they are 29 and 34 years old respectively, and a viral tweet causes fans to lose their minds because they can't believe that the two actors are so close .

The tweet featured photos of Brodie-Sangster and Knightley from the movie, and the caption read: "Annual reminder that there is only a five-year gap between Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Keira Knightley in Love Actually."

The original tweet has gone viral with thousands of likes and retweets, in addition to thousands of responses and memes from amazing fans, and others have done their thing to spread the message.

"I went for him Love actually Rabbit hole and I discovered this last night! ”, He read one of the answers about Knightley and Brodie-Sangster. "I also discovered that Hugh Grant was 16 years older than Martine McCutcheon, Colin Firth was 16 years older than Lucia Moniz and Laura Linney was 11 years older than Rodrigo Santoro."

Last week, Hugh Grant, who played the British Prime Minister in the film, revealed that he was thinking about the famous scene where he danced down 10 Downing Street to Jump (for my love) by The Pointer Sisters would be "the most unbearable scene ever committed to celluloid." The 59-year-old actor added that he feared filming the scene and described it as "an absolute hell."


Grant said he didn't understand why the movie was still so popular, but he admitted it was "nice,quot; that watching the movie has become such a beloved Christmas tradition for fans.

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