Kandi Burruss spends quality time with Riley Burruss, Shamea Morton, Rasheeda Frost and Toya Wright


Toya Wright celebrated her future husband's birthday, and the couple went to a game with friends. Toya shared some photos from the court, and the ladies looked fabulous.

Kandi Burruss also shared some photos of the event where she was with her daughter, Riley Burruss.

Rasheeda Frost and Shamea Morton were also there.

A fan who seemed very excited asked: ‘Does anyone know if Toya can become a true housewife? Isn't she in Atlanta? I would love to see her on the show. "

A follower answered the previous question with the following words: "Remember that Toya is from New Orleans and does not interpret that,quot; real "television crap. Otherwise, I would love to see her too."

A follower said: "I enjoyed watching your first show Tiny and Toya. I would definitely see it for her."

Someone said: ‘You are doing an amazing job with Riley. She is becoming such a beautiful, respectful and responsible young woman. Congratulations to you Kandi. You are a great mom even with your plate full. You have this ❤️ a lot of respect. "

A follower posted this: & # 39; Hi Kandi, I like your hair in the last episode of yesterday's episode, the long wig or extensions or whatever because I know you also have long hair, we see it sometimes, I know you have a lot of hair, which is a blessing, I wish I had a lot of hair.


In other news, Kandji announced to his fans that a new Talk about that The episode is out. Kandi is addressing issues related to Todd Tucker's daughter, Kaela Tucker.

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