Kandi Burruss proudly announces to fans that her daughter, Riley Burruss, was accepted at New York University – Watch the video


Kandi Burruss proudly revealed that her daughter, Riley Burruss, has just been accepted into a prestigious university, and that she should not be happier. Watch the video that Kandi shared on her social media account.

‘My baby was accepted in #NYU !!!!! I am very proud of @rileyburruss! Go see my YouTube with Riley giving you all the scoop and a video that I took the day we received the acceptance letter! I put the sliding link in my IG story or go to #KandiOnline on YouTube to watch. Give @rileyburruss some love! And leave some advice below if you've been to college and know what you need to expect. Ndi ’Kandi captioned the video.

Tiny Harris quickly skipped the comments to congratulate Riley: "So silly @rileyburruss Congratulations."

Another follower said: Felic Congratulations @rileyburruss! "One of the best chapters of your life: write a good one!"

Tamika Scott also had some words to share: ‘Congratulations @rileyburruss !! There is nothing you cannot achieve! Keep God first, study, have some fun and follow your heart! Very proud of you. ‘

A fan posted this message: "Congratulations, work, play hard and sweat things you can't change, leave it to God."

Another follower wrote: ‘Congratulations Baby. Always follow your gut. If it feels bad! Have fun but always take care of your surroundings! Do not drink anything you have not seen someone pour, do not trust easily. Many wolves in sheep's clothing! Praying for you beautiful ♥ ️ ’

Just the other day, Toya Wright celebrated her future husband's birthday, and the couple went to a game with friends. Toya shared some photos from the court, and the ladies looked fabulous.


Kandi also shared some photos of the event where she was with her daughter, Riley.

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