Justin Timberlake leaves a flirty comment about Jessica Biel's IG after rumored infidelity


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel seem to get along after rumors of a possible separation earlier this month. The 38-year-old singer reportedly left a comment on her Instagram post earlier this week.

Jessica posted a photo in which she posed for a paid partnership with the yoga brand, Gaiam. People magazine claims that Justin and Jessica used to flirt on social media all the time.

Last month, Justin Timberlake was seen dating Alisha Wainwright. In fact, the paparazzi took pictures of him holding his hand while he was in New Orleans, Louisiana. Then, the pop star turned to his social networks and apologized to his wife and family.

Justin and Wainwright were in New Orleans filming the new movie, Palmer. As noted above, Justin released an apology letter in his account in which he apologized to his wife and son. The singer turned actor admitted that he was not setting the best example for his son.

A source who spoke with People magazine last month said that Jessica and Justin were determined to solve things and were not willing to give up their romance. An informant who spoke with them stated that Justin was guilty of bad behavior, and many of the apologies would be made in private.

The source explained that Jessica believes in her heart that Justin was just kidding and not cheating on her. The source stated that it was important for her to go ahead and do the best for her son. "She will never separate her family for something like this," the source added.

Ironically, earlier this year, several media reported that Jessica Biel was never really a big fan of Justin Timberlake's band that gave her notoriety, Nsync. In previous interviews, Jessica could be heard saying she had never really listened to Nsync.


Later, the couple revealed that they actually had to train her through a karaoke performance of one of the band's songs one night.

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