Joe Giudice apparently announces Teresa's separation – "It's time to let go,quot;


Teresa and Joe Giudice have apparently made their official division after much speculation. Fans of real New Jersey housewives know that the man will probably end up deported, so there were unanswered questions about their marriage.

Still, Joe and Teresa were married for more than two decades and share four beautiful daughters together, so the separation is very sad, especially for girls.

Most of his supporters also seem very sad to hear the news, as they were obviously supporting them to work in some way.

Joe was the one who turned to social networks to publish a photo that showed him and Teresa next to the legend: "It's time to let go."

While he didn't really say the word "divorce,quot; or anything similar, the cryptic post seems to really suggest that he was talking about letting Teresa and her marriage go.

In addition, Joe also decided to disable comments on that post.

As for Teresa, she has not yet addressed the divided news.

While they are obviously sad to hear this, the couple's fans knew that things were not going well between them, since Teresa has dropped tracks several times.

In addition, the legal situation with Joe would make it impossible for them to remain married and have a real relationship since Teresa made it clear that she and the girls will not move to Italy if Joe is deported.


At least the four daughters are preparing to visit him again to spend Christmas with his father after meeting for the first time in many years last month.

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