Jennifer Aniston inviting Brad Pitt to his Christmas party was & # 39; significant & # 39; for this reason & # 39; touching & # 39 ;!


Brad Pitt was present at his ex, Jennifer Aniston's pre-Christmas party a couple of days ago and now, everyone begs them to be together again! Of course, their meeting does not necessarily mean that they will be a couple again, 15 years after their separation.

However, an internal report states that it was still a "significant,quot; and "therapeutic,quot; meeting.

Apparently, the party gave Brad the chance to see some of his old friends and also rekindle his friendship with his ex-wife.

In other words, while fans were on the moon to learn that he was at the Christmas party, perhaps Brad was the most excited!

Fans would love to see them together again, but that's not what is happening.

Still, a source tells HollywoodLife that Brad feels really good about being friendly with Jen again.

Brad Spending time with Jen in a friendly atmosphere was therapeutic for Brad, who never wanted things with her to end on a bitter note. It makes him happy and shows him that people can really discover their differences and move on. It seems promising that he was able to rectify past failures and be back in a great place with Jen, "the source said.

Besides, he was apparently at the party to see other famous friends as much as he was there to see Jen!

‘Most of Jennifer's friends are also friends with Brad, so it was a good opportunity for him to see many people who care at the same time. It was like a meeting, "another source told the same media outlet.

As for Jennifer's decision to invite him to the party, it was apparently really "significant,quot; to him since the tree pruning party tradition began two decades ago, not long after they started dating together.


Being part of this again long after their separation was "really touching," the source explained.

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