Jack Nicholson's grandson, Duke, shares a rare update on the actor's health


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Duke Nicholson offers the rare update of his famous grandfather, Jack nicholson.

In recent years, the critically acclaimed actor has withdrawn from the spotlight to live a life of relative isolation in the hills of Los Angeles. Once he regularly attended the Lakers games, Jack's last appearance on the sports venue was in January 2019 with his son Thunderbolt. This in itself generated concern for his well-being, considering that he is a passionate fan of the Lakers, to say the least.

Duke's update on his grandfather is a great relief for fans of The brilliant star. In Duke's interview with The Hollywood reporter, the 20-year-old shares: "He's doing very well. He's 100 percent."

He added that he, Jack and the rest of the Nicholson family celebrated Thanksgiving together at Jack's house on Mulholland Drive, although there was probably very little discussion about Duke's career. According to the 20-year-old, he and Jack "don't talk about acting too much."

And although Jack's illustrious career was probably a motivating factor, Duke says "there wasn't a great moment, like, & # 39; I want to be an actor & # 39;". Instead, he became an actor by accident. He says one day Val kilmerson of Jack He presented it to a music manager who included it in music videos, which eventually led him to get a role in Jordan Peele& # 39; s We.

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At that time, Peele was completely unaware of Duke's family history, so it was a bit strange when the director told Duke to channel the waiter for his grandfather's most popular movie. But if you ask Duke, he doesn't see it as an interesting twist of fate or anything like that. He tells the interviewer: "I mean, The brilliant it's one of the best horror movies of all time … "

And Duke is not wrong. The movie, inspired by Stephen KingThe book of the same title, has experienced a resurgence in popularity thanks to the sequel Dream doctorpresenting Ewan McGregorand directed by Mike Flanagan.

In fact, this sequel introduces Jack. Although, he is not the real Jack, because as the director pointed out, "he is very serious about being retired."

Then they made their appearance by hiring a similar actor, while accepting that they would never be able to do justice to Jack's character. "What you don't want to do with Jack is to throw someone who is going to make an impression of Jack because that would be fatal. It would become parody," Flanagan told HuffPost. "No one could interpret Nicholson, nobody."