Donald Trump hits Nancy Pelosi's teeth using this video and Republicans support him in this new fight


President Donald Trump continues to take the political conversation in the mud by stating that the teeth of the House of Representatives president, Nancy Pelosi, fell from his mouth. No, this is not a joke.

On Sunday, the former reality TV star turned politician shared a video where he said Pelosi's teeth went out of his mouth.

Trump posted a link to a video and made fun of Pelosi saying: "Because Nancy's teeth were falling from her mouth and she didn't have time to think!"

The video actually showed Pelosi talking to reporters during his weekly press conference, and it seems he had a cough pill or a mint in his mouth when he took a sip of water.

POTUS scoffed at Pelosi saying, "Because Nancy's teeth were falling from her mouth and she didn't have time to think!"

He later added: “Congressional Democrats are doing nothing are being decimated absolutely in their districts on the issue of Impeachment Deception. The people who voted for them are literally screaming in their faces. Crazy Nancy is finding that defending Shifty Schiff is harder than I thought! # 2020Election. "

As always, Republicans rushed to defend Trump no matter how wild or unreal his accusations could be. Republican Rep. Mike Johnson appeared on CNN, where he was asked about Trump's tweet.

CNN Newsroom Hostess Ana Cabrera asked Johnson, what does he think of Trump saying: "Nancy's teeth were falling from her mouth?"

Cabrera added: “Minutes later he tweeted her by calling her‘ Nancy crazy. Do you condemn the president of the United States speaking of a woman, much less the speaker of how it is?

Johnson, who voted against approving articles of political judgment in the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives, had this defense: “The president has a very unorthodox style of messages. It is not the way I speak, or I would tweet. But the president is very frustrated to have been treated. Sometimes he attacks, and I think many Americans understand it. ”

He went on to say: "There will be an asterisk in the history books that he was the third president to be accused in the house. So he's frustrated about that."


What do you think about this latest silly fight between Trump and a leader of the Democratic Party?

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