Chris Brown's baby's mother, Ammika Harris, talks about her struggles to recover her toned body after giving birth to baby Aeko Catori


Chris Brown and his former model girlfriend, Ammika Harris, are in the cloud nine after the birth of their son, a cute cake called Aeko Catori Brown.

It took the ex-couple more than 20 days to confirm the news that they had a baby together, but since then, they have been flooding social networks with adorable photos.

Ammika has been very open about her post-baby body and her struggle to get fit. The new mother recently posted a photo of herself less than a month after welcoming her baby to the world, and a fan said: “You are so beautiful and so positive! I have two girls and I'm motivated by you to get my mom back! Thank you for maintaining positive vibes in the world.

Ammika revealed that she is doing everything possible to lose her “belly” and added: “Give her time. Love! I still have a small belly and far from where I want my body to be. "

A source spoke with Hollywood life and explained that the former lovebirds took their time to share their son with the world for the following reasons: “Chris could not wait to reveal his son’s birth to the world, but he wanted to wait until Ammika was also fully on board. before they both decided to make the big announcement officially. Chris joked with his fans with indications of his son's birth because he couldn't help sharing his joy with everyone, but he fully respects Ammika and would never confirm that Aeko was still born, without Ammika's total blessing. He was still recovering from birth and adapting to motherhood, and Chris wanted to give him all the time he needed before everyone knew they had a baby together. ”

The person added: “Ammika had been receiving so much support from fans, but there were also those who pushed her to reveal whether she had given birth or not. Ammika is not someone to press, and she has always defended herself. It has to be frustrating at a time when you are celebrating the most incredible moment of your life. Ammika is such a strong woman, and it's about positivity. She didn't want anyone's negativity to drown her joy. Revealing Aeko to the world with Chris was a way to turn off all the noise, and she really couldn't be happier. "


Chris and Ammika seem to be on the same page when it comes to shared parenting.

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