According to reports, Angelina Pivarnick's bridesmaids think she is "exaggerating,quot; about her wedding speech


Angelina was obviously really hurt when her bridesmaids decided to grill her during her speech at her wedding. However, an internal report claims to know that JWoww, Deena and Snooki agree that the bride has been turning what was supposed to be a fun and harmless speech into a "much bigger deal."

Anyway, it seems that the three bridesmaids tried to contact her and apologize, but Angelina Pivarnick has completely ignored them.

In other words, she is still very upset after, as far as she is concerned, she ruined her wedding, and she has no intention of talking to them again in the short term.

It is rumored that Angelina felt so bad about the whole thing that she is planning a remake wedding just to erase that horrible memory.

Earlier sources claimed that Angelina burst into tears and even left her own wedding after hearing what her bridesmaids had to say, so it makes sense that she prefers to start over with the wedding planning.

As for Deena, JWoww and Snooki, a HollywoodLife source mentioned that after apologizing, they feel they have done their part.

‘The girls lament the speech, but honestly they just tried to be fun. If they had known that Angelina would get mad at her jokes, they wouldn't have done them. But they do feel that he is exaggerating, since apparently he has only focused on a small part of his speech.


‘They roasted her in her speech, but they also said many very good things about how much they love her and how great she is. However, she is conveniently forgetting good things. Everyone regrets having bothered her, but they also think she is doing this much bigger than it has to be. They have apologized, but they will not beg. The ball is on Angelina's court now. They expect her to overcome this and forgive them, but if she doesn't, well, that's her choice, "said another source.

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