50 Cent Shades Nick Cannon – says "Nobody cares,quot; about his song Eminem Diss


50 Cent could not not get involved! The rapper is known for being the king of disputes and shadow in social networks, so it makes sense that he attacked Nick Cannon in the middle of his fight with Eminem.

That said, 50 took Eminem's side as it seems, posting a previous photo of Nick with the title "Nobody cares," referring to his diss track!

Cannon released a song not too long ago, in response to Slim Shady's song that dragged him and his ex-wife Mariah Carey!

You may remember that Eminem said in the past that he once dated Mariah, something she always denied.

The verse about the singer was really hard and rather insulting, which is why Nick felt the need to applaud with a trace of his own.

After all, although they are no longer married, Nick and Mariah continue to have a great relationship as co-parents and friends.

In fact, Cannon has admitted before that she was the love of his life and always will be.

Well, it doesn't seem that 50 cares about any of that and proved that he's still Team Eminem with a suspicious post on his Instagram account.

Alongside a photo of Nick posing with a blue swimsuit top, 50 wrote: "Nick likes it, that's right, nobody cares about my record." No, nobody cares about LOL. "

Nick made fun of Eminem's daughter, Hailie, and her ex in his lyrics: "Call Kim, have someone get Hailey and that other child you raise, who isn't even your baby."


He continued responding directly to Eminem's Mariah verse: "My baby mom killed you a decade ago / You still cry about it, bitch, who really is the shit?"

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