15 Christmas gifts for true crime fans


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TL: DR: Most popular items on this list
• Mindhunter: within the FBI Elite Series Crimes Unit
• Medium glass candle with bell bell in black dahlia scent
• Evidence with zipper

Among television shows, documentaries and countless podcasts, we are in the golden age of true criminal content … so, obviously, we are all obsessed. And when an obsession takes hold, there is only one thing to do: give it away!

Whether the true crime fan is someone close and dear, that is, you and you give yourself to a small celebration, we have selected a list of essential gifts for any obsessive of the real crime. There are subscription boxes and books, practical offers that can support your own research, some fashion options and even some household items! You and your friend's obsession will be well supported by any of these gifts.

Check out our list below and get some things for you and yours!

Mindhunter: within the FBI Elite Series Crimes Unit

You fell in love with the Netflix show, so it's time to read the book that inspired it! This is the story of the 25-year FBI career of Special Agent John Douglas, sharing how he used the psychological profile to obtain information about serial killers and notorious criminals. This is a must see for any true crime fan.

Medium candle in glass jar with bell bell in black dahlia scent

Okay, it's not directly related to the famous Black Dahlia murder that captivated us for eons, but you can still create an atmosphere with this dark and luxurious candle, with the spectacular characteristic aroma of the flower. And you can hide it under a glass dome for when you're not burning it while reading true crime novels.

Amber light for Christmas gifts

Time to turn off the lights, but do you want to keep reading Mindhunter? The advantage of using this amber light is that it does not have the same effect as white or blue light, that is, playing with your circadian rhythm. In addition, it is lightweight, rechargeable and portable.

The crime scene does not cross the warm fleece scarf

Show your loyalty to the investigation procedure using a replica of the famous yellow crime scene tape around your neck. Bright enough to ensure that they see you in any dark alley, this scarf is also made of wool, so it will also keep you warm.

BLOOD ALPHABET: The scariest serial killer coloring book

Get your spooky with this adult coloring book, with 23 of the most notorious serial killers in history. Chances are you don't feel very Zen after coloring portraits of Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and Richard Ramirez, to name a few … but that's probably the point.

Crime scene accessories Sandwich Bags

Who says you can't accept your obsession in all facets of your life! Dress up lunchtime with these infamous yellow ribbon sandwich bags … but be prepared for people to get away from you in the office dining room.

The husband made it t-shirt

Because you know he did it! But that doesn't mean you shouldn't shout it from the rooftops with this lightweight cotton blend t-shirt.

Unsolved Case Files Murder Mystery Game

Put yourself in the shoes of a cold case detective, review your files and solve a decades-old murder in this fun game, which offers more than 50 research documents and photos to help you along the way.

Calendar of 365 days of the true crime of 2020 Page-A-Day

From cults to disappearances to the cold cases of yesteryear that still captivate our attention, each day of this calendar presents another case for you to become obsessed, along with quotes and questionnaires to consolidate your fandom.

The suspect: an Olympic bombing, the FBI, the media and Richard Jewell, the man caught in the middle

Before watching Clint Eastwood's version of Richard Jewell's story, read the book that inspired the movie. The suspect is based on five years of reports exploring the rise of domestic terrorism, the 24/7 news cycle and the search for Jewell to clear his name.

Hunt a killer subscription box

When you simply cannot have enough true crime, this subscription box is here to meet your needs monthly. Each box is an "episode,quot; that gives you clues that can help you solve a murder, and the plot is complicated with each subsequent month as you approach to find the murderer. Get ready to waste endless hours of your life as you strive to discover the mystery! Subscriptions start at $ 25 per month.

Haven't you resolved the case on what to get for those hard-to-buy loved ones? Check out all our Christmas gift guides!

—Published originally on December 5, 2019 at 4 a.m. PT

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