Prince William opens up about family life, says that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are already interested in philanthropy


Prince William and Kate Middleton recently appeared with pastry expert Mary Berry on the BBC special To Berry Royal Christmas, and the couple gave some behind-the-scenes details about their family life with Prince George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 20 months.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were on the show to help prepare a Christmas party for some of the charities and organizations in their patronage, and Prince William revealed that he has already started teaching Prince George and Princess Charlotte about philanthropy of the family.

Prince William said that when he drives his two oldest children to school, they have noticed the homeless on the streets and have started asking questions.

"In the school career, I know it sounds a bit contrite, but in the school career already, keep in mind 6 and 4, every time we see someone who is sleeping badly on the street, I speak and point and I explain,quot;, said William.

The employer of Centrepoint, a charity for the homeless, added that his children are very interested and ask: "Why can't they go home?"

The future king of England, 37, explained that his late mother, Princess Diana, introduced him and Prince Harry to charities at an early age, and made sure that their children knew the less fortunate people .

While visiting the homeless charity The Passage during the BBC special, Prince William told Berry that he was about eight or ten years old when his mother took him to a homeless charity for the first time, and the visit "had a profound impact,quot; on El joven real.

“My mother knew what I was doing with that. He realized that it was very important when you grew up, especially in the life in which we grew up, that you realize that life happens beyond the walls of the palace and that you see real people struggling with real problems, ”said the Prince William

Kate Middleton also talked about her favorite moments with her children, and revealed that one thing she loves to do with them is cooking at home. Middleton said one of Prince Louis's first words was "Mary,quot; after seeing one of Berry's cookbooks, and they were excited when they successfully made their pizza dough.

Middleton said it "worked, and they loved it." And, the Duchess of Cambridge added that she wants her children to know how to cook so they can be "as independent as possible."

Kate Middleton also talked about Prince William's game when he was courting her. She said her husband can cook, and he is "very good at breakfast." He added that in his college days, he used to cook all kinds of meals.


"I think it was when I was trying to impress myself, Mary," Middleton said.

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