NeNe Leakes feels like she has become the RHOA ladies' punching bag


NeNe Leakes complains to fans and tells them in a video that he became the punching bag for the RHOA ladies. Check out what he had to say in this clip that he shared on his social media account below.

‘Tune in RHOA TONIGHT and watch these girls slander me as usual. As if I had become a punching bag for them and for others right now. If they didn't talk about me, what the hell would they talk about! Oh, I forgot EVERYONE OF THE SAME as they do at @bravotv 8pm, "NeNe wrote in his post.

Someone commented: "I don't say they don't attack you, but your behavior towards Cynthia is additional."

Another follower posted this: ‘Sorry, you're going through this. Please remember that you are not what they say you are. I am very upset with all of them. Fake friends … The sad thing is that they are also fake with each other. Stay true to Nene. You move and don't forget it. "

Someone else said: "They could not breathe without you." You are AIR for SHOW! # YOUSTARTEDTHIS✍️ … or they forgot. "

A fan told NeNe: ‘Your full subtitle is on point, I must say. I will never understand why many beautiful and rich people remain so miserable. I guess money can't buy happiness … or self-esteem. "

One commenter wrote: "This is your season to act in a pleasant way. You will return to the old one next time, we are ready for this game."

Apart from this, NeNe surprised his fans with a recent photo he shared on his social media account.


In the photo, she is showing a lot of skin, and fans said she looks like a Playboy bunny from the 70s.

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