Kevin Hart on the rock replacing him while recovering: "He's a good guy,quot;


Kevin Hart may only be between 65 and 75 percent physically recovered, but seems to be at 100. The comedian finally headed to the Kelly Clarkson Show where he talked about his accident, his friendship with The Rock and helped a single mother.

Kevin was scheduled to be invited to the Kelly Clarkson Show, but had a terrible car accident in which he was seriously injured and could have been paralyzed.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson intervened for his castmate and friend of Jumanji without being asked. The former WWE champion gave fans the first update on Hart after the accident.

‘Everything is fine, I talked to Kevin, I actually refer to him as my son. I connected with him today. And you know what? These things happen in life and, fortunately, he was well tied to his car seat, "he joked.

Then he went on to say that Kevin was fine.

"I love the boy, he is one of my best friends and, honestly, I mean, thank God, it could have been much worse, so he is a lucky man and he also knows it."

The comedian talked about Dwayne during his appearance when he said: ‘He did me a great favor, man. And you know what? It was without me even asking. He is a good boy. People do not understand. Our friendship is 100 percent real and authentic. "

He joked that if the roles were reversed, he would not replace it.

Hart talked about his new life opportunity and was grateful to be alive.

Then, the actor learned to "chew,quot; came with a sommelier and surprised a single mother with a fully furnished apartment.


Kelly's show was one of the many stops that the 40-year-old artist is making to promote Jumanji 2 that is already in theaters.

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