Erica Mena moves fans to tears with amazing tips for her unborn baby and women in general


Erica Mena recently wrote a letter to her unborn baby that excited fans. As you probably know, she is pregnant with Safaree and the beautiful couple expects a girl.

Erica had a blessed year: she married the man of her dreams and now she is about to have a daughter. She is grateful for everything, and always remember to mention how blessed she is.

He returned to social networks to post some precious tips for his daughter, and you can read the message below:

‘Be who you want to be mom's queen! 👑💕 It is rare for you to come to this world knowing exactly who you are and what path to take. Then, believe yourself. Decide who you want to be. And then, when you've passed it, decide who else you want to be. You can try different hats. You can change your path. You are allowed to change. You will know what works for you because you will be born with an internal guidance system. It will notify you when something you have chosen no longer serves you. It will inform you when it is time to leave relationships. It will let you know when something bigger is waiting for your attention, "Erica published.

A fan wrote: Felic Congratulations! What beautiful words for your baby that will live with her forever. "

Someone else called Erica an inspiration: ‘You are so inspiring! It's amazing and great to see a great role model for our youth! There are not many these days! "

Erica continued with another post that was also full of emotion and wisdom: ‘Every woman has the key to life inside her body. ✨👑💕Remember that when someone calls you crazy for having emotions, for needing to rest more, for crying for no reason or for defending yourself. You are a woman. To Queen 💕 My Daughter ✨ Take note of how you feel when you are presented with the mandatory structures of our society and, if necessary, take them with a grain of salt. Be spontaneous, dance and play whenever you can. "

Erica continued and said: ‘Explore your creativity and cultivate its unique parts, even if they are not the norm. Be better than me! ✨ Be kind to everyone and remember that your bright light will not be received by everyone you meet. Leave those people behind. 💕✨ Very soon S.M.S "Your father, brother and I cannot wait to hug you,quot;.

One of his followers said: & # 39; Looking back and seeing your past relationships and what you have been through, I am very happy to receive the love you deserve, for everything that is happening in your life right now, I am so excited for your !!


Congratulations, Erica, for your amazing words!

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