Brad Pitt appears as a guest at Jennifer Aniston's Christmas party



Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are showing that is possible to be friendly with your ex.

It has been almost 15 years since the famous duo announced their separation, and it seems that time can really heal all wounds. During the weekend, Pitt was seen attending his ex-wife's Christmas party along with other celebrities on the A list.

"Brad arrived a little after 7 p.m. and most of the guests started arriving shortly after," a source told E! News. "I was among the first to arrive and the penultimate guest to leave at about 11 p.m."

The photos show the Once Upon a time at the Hollywood star, dressed casually in a dark bomber jacket with a cap on, arriving at the party with his former security guard. In addition to Aniston, the former Pitt Gwyneth Paltrow she also attended the party together with her husband Brad Falchuk.

Other celebrities present included Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa, Lisa Kudrow and Michael Stern as much as Reese witherspoon.

"It seemed to be a fairly discreet casual affair, a gathering of close friends to celebrate the holidays," the source tells E! News. "All the guests were dressed comfortable and quite casual."

According to the source, The morning show Star's house on Bel Air was "tastefully decorated,quot; outside with white lights around the trees surrounding his property.

"It was festive and elegant. Catering companies must have arrived earlier in the day to prepare, but everything was ready by the time their guests arrived," the source shares. "It was discreet and not crowded. There were probably about 50 guests celebrating with her."

This Pitt-Aniston meeting occurs approximately one year after the actor attended the friends alum's 50th birthday party, so it seems they are still on good terms. The former will meet once again in the coming weeks, as both have been nominated for awards at the 2020 golden balloons and the SAG 2020 Awards.

Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection through Getty Images

"There is no discomfort and they are friendly," a source recently told E! News about a possible awards ceremony. "They want the best and are on good terms."

"They have been in contact in recent years and talk from time to time," the source added. "If they meet, they will congratulate each other and exchange jokes. They want the best for each other."

"The past is a long time in the past. They don't talk often, but when they do it is very warm and positive," the source shared. "It's not as important to them as it is to everyone around them. There are no problems being in the same place at the same time."

In addition to Pitt, Aniston also recently met with former Justin Theroux When he organized Thanksgiving dinner with his famous friends. So, it seems that everyone is on good terms this holiday season.

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