Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden separated after leaving for 3 years. This is what led to their breakup!


It seems that Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden are no longer together! The two dated for three years and really seemed solid, so what happened?

An internal report claims to know the reason why they separated, explaining that their relationship did not finally work because of their different lifestyles.

The source told HollywoodLife that ‘There was a big age difference between Ariel and her boyfriend Levi and she found herself a homebody. He really missed his friends and his old life, that's why he's been spending so much time with Luke (Benward). "

You may know that Luke and Ariel have been friends for a long time, but a few days ago, the two were seen at an access point in Los Angeles and certainly seemed closer than just friends.

They could also have more in common, since there is only a 3-year age gap between them compared to the 11-year gap with Levi.

That said, the source continued explaining that he went. As time went by he realized that she and her boyfriend had less and less in common. He felt that he did not have the opportunity to see many of his old friends for a while with Levi and he loves to recover that time with them. His whole life was Levi. "

Indeed, Ariel often falls in love with Levi in ​​interviews and on social media.

The Modern Family actress also previously defended her decision to move with him even though she was only 19 at the time!

She emphasized that many couples of all ages live together and that is fine as long as they are happy, but that does not mean that those who choose to live separately are doing bad relationships.


Ariel insisted that it was just an "arrangement,quot; that worked for them.

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