Adam Sandler reveals that his wife gave him "strength and courage,quot; to take on the role in uncut gems in the middle of Oscar Buzz


Saturday night live alum Adam Sandler is known primarily for his work in classical cult comedies such as Stoner Billy Madison, happy Gilmoreand Waterboy, or its main comedy failures like Jack and jill and Ridiculous 6. Therefore, it is quite surprising to many that the 53-year-old actor is generating a great stir of the Oscars for his performance in the new film. Uncut gems.

Sandler recently revealed to Ellen DeGeneres in her daytime talk show that she was worried about leaving her comfort zone when she read the script for Uncut gems. But, his wife Jackie gave him "strength and courage,quot; to take on the challenging role.

"I was afraid to do it and then I asked Jackie to read it," Sandler told DeGeneres. "We do this together and she gives me the strength and courage to get into this."

In the new movie, Sandler plays Howard Ratner, a New York jeweler who has a serious problem with the game. And, he says that after Jackie read the script, she told him that he had to take the role. He followed his advice and quickly "jumped,quot; on paper.

The Brooklyn native explained that Howard Ratner is a jeweler on 47th Street in New York that can't stop betting. He added that the character has a wife and children, but that he is not good with his family because his addiction is ruining everything.

When Howard is able to get a rare African gem and befriends NBA legend Kevin Garnett, the basketball player goes to Howard's store and "falls in love with the gem."

Sandler went on to explain that the film, directed by Benny and Josh Safdie, is a "way in and out,quot; of Garnett who has the gem and Howard needs it back when he's making bets.

"I don't know how to really sum it up," Sandler said. "It's just a new kind of tidy movie and I'm glad to be in it."

Like numerous critics, DeGeneres praised Sandler's performance, saying that the film is "so good,quot; and that the dramatic role was great for Sandler. The talk show host also explained that the movie is something you "get in,quot;, and also gave him a new perspective on compulsive gambling.

DeGeneres also noted that one of Sandler's biggest competitors for Best Actor during the awards season is Adam Driver for his performance in Marriage history. And, she said it must be "stressful,quot; to face someone with the same name because when you are waiting for her who wins the prize, and they say "Adam," there is a time when Sandler might think that he is the winner before say "Driver."

Adam Sandler said that exactly happened to him at the Gotham Awards in New York City earlier this month.

‘I heard," And the winner is ", and I didn't move, I didn't want to fall and then I heard," Driver! ", And I thought:" Bind, baby! "Sandler said.


Uncut gems premieres in cinemas across the country on December 25.

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