Tamar Braxton is happy for his sister, Trina Braxton, who is getting married today


Tamar Braxton sprouts over his sister, Trina Braxton, who is getting married today. Watch the video and the message that Tamar shared on his social media account.

‘My fag @ trinabraxton1 is getting married tomorrow and this is her last night as single 🐟😂 I am very happy for her and @vonscales because they are an AMAZING INCREDIBLE couple ❤️ Congratulations guys Ta’ Tamar captioned her post.

Fans congratulated Trina in the comments and bathed her with kind words and lots of love.

Someone said: ‘Congratulations Trina. I'm so happy for you. & # 39;

A follower said: Diciembre December is the best month! I'm so happy for Trina and Von. I'm crying happy tears "and someone else posted this:" I'm so glad that Trina's relationship prevailed because the hate she received in the last season of #BFV was real! 👀 ’

One person wrote: "I can't wait to see photos with Trina in her wedding dress, I know it will look like a bomb."

Someone else said: ‘Congratulations Trina, your husband is beautiful and his characteristics combine so well that they would be a beautiful baby. ❤️ ’

An Instagram installer posted this: ‘Congratulations to Trina and Von. May you both have blessed years of happiness, and always remember to keep God in your relationship. "

A follower said: Felic Congratulations, Trina! I and my family love you guys; you deserve the best, and you've found it 💕 ’


Not long ago, Tamar shared a photo where he is with his sister, and they are having their first magazine cover. The photo is a throwback, and it is beautiful.

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