New report accuses Ben Affleck of using his family for good publicity


A new report by the National Enquirer is serving on the strained vacations of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner that they have been having lately. After the photos and videos of the former discussing the Thanksgiving holiday went viral, more people ask questions about how Ben and Jen are co-parents and how their relationship really is. It has always seemed to many people that Jennifer has been the strong one, doing everything possible to keep the family together, while Ben Affleck has struggled with alcohol. Now, the National Enquirer reports that Jennifer Garner has had enough and that her parents are suffering due to Ben's behavior.

The Enquirer reports that Ben and Jen are no longer former friends, but are at war with each other. The magazine reported that the source indicated the following.

“They went from being best friends to ex-boyfriends almost overnight. Ben had it with Jen's attitude, while she is tired of him not keeping his promises and living like an irresponsible college athlete. They got into an unpleasant dispute while they were away and things just shot from there.

You can see a report about the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner fight they had during the holiday weekend below.

There is no doubt that Ben and Jennifer have done an admirable job with their separation. They have often been seen together in the city, they go to their children's events together, but the informant has said something to the National Enquirer that, if true, would be very disturbing.

According to the report, Ben has used the children and even her to play "happy families,quot; after a public fight. The report says that after his Thanksgiving fight, Ben was later photographed with Samuel on his shoulders while they were Christmas shopping with the family.

The report inferred that Ben was using the family as positive publicity after the fight. The report also says that after Ben Affleck caused rumors of relapse, after appearing drunk when he stumbled on Halloween, he was photographed with his family the next day.


At this point, there is nothing to confirm if Ben Affleck is using his family for good publicity and, as the source of the article remains unidentified, there is no way to know for sure.

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