Martha Stewart releases a youthful appearance: did the 78-year-old domestic mogul sink?


Martha Stewart is the queen of perfection and it is not surprising that she has mastered the art of looking beautiful and youthful at the age of 78. The new photos of Martha Stewart have left fans speechless, as she seems to have lost years of her appearance and now shows a smooth complexion, without wrinkles and flaws. He recently attended a cocktail party that was also attended by Paris Hilton and the two shared some fabulous selfies. Now, people ask what procedures Martha underwent to achieve such a beautiful appearance.

The National Enquirer reported on the younger appearance of Martha Stewart and quoted Dr. Anthony Youn, who says he looks like he had botox and fillers. Dr. Yoel Shahar told the publication that he believed Martha sank

Dr. Youn stated the following.

"It seems that Martha has had a face lift to tighten her neck, her lips seem to have been swollen and her face is smooth and wrinkle-free, a possible result of Botox and fillers."

Dor Shahar added the following comments.

“He probably spent about $ 500,000 for the job, but it was worth it! I think the surgeon did a great job!

While fans aren't sure what Martha Stewart did or the procedures she underwent, everyone agrees that she looks amazing and it's hard to believe she's 78 years old.

You can see photos of Martha Stewart from the party she attended with Paris Hilton below.

The exact reason for Martha's new appearance has not yet been revealed, but a source told the National Enquirer that Martha might be looking for a romantic partner. Martha was married to Andrew Stewart before divorcing and has been single for 30 years. The source believes that Martha is tired of being single and declared the following to the publication.

"I think Martha underwent drastic plastic surgery because she is tired of being alone. She is looking for someone to settle with."


What do you think of the new look of Martha Stewart? Do you think he achieved his youthful appearance with botox, fillers, plastic surgery or a combination of the three procedures?

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