KUWK Season Finale is here and this teaser video will surprise you – Kris Jenner is Khloe while everyone parodies


the Keeping up with the Kardashians (KUWK) The end of season 17 is broadcast Sunday night and there is a new teaser video that is going viral. In the video, the cast parodies and the result is hilarious. Viewers tested this earlier this week when a video of Kendall Jenner parodying Kylie Jenner's makeup technique to draw on fuller lips became viral. Of the parodies, the most shocking is Kris Jenner, who wears a long blonde wig and introduces herself as Khloe Kardashian. Long hair contributed to Kris's youthful appearance and looked more like a sister than the mother who gave birth to six children.

Kris Jenner shared the video clip on her official Instagram account where she has 30.8 million followers. She shared the following title.

"My family ❤️😂 don't miss the end of the season, tonight at 9 / 8c in E!"

You can watch the video that is going viral showing Kris personifying Khloe and Khloe personifying Kris, Kourtney personifying Kim and Kim personifying Kourtney, and Kendall personifying Kylie in the next video player. The public has not yet seen Kylie personifying Kendall and many hope she will also be included in the series of parodies in the end.

An hour after Kris published the video, it went viral. He currently has more than 461,000 likes and more than half a million visits.

The family has just celebrated a Scorpio birthday series (Caitlyn, Kris, Kendall and Dream are all Scorpios), followed by the fourth birthday of Saint West. They also join Saint as Sagitarrius their two cousins ​​who were born the same day: Mason and Reign Disick.

Mason Disick was born on December 14, 2009, and his younger brother, Reign Disick, was born on December 9, 2014. While the Kardashians and Jenners prepare to celebrate Christmas, family birthdays and Kuwk The end of the season has dominated the headlines.

What do you think about the Kuwk video teaser end of season? Are you waiting to see tonight's episode?


Which of the parodies was your favorite? What did you think of Kris Jenner wearing the long blonde wig and parodying her daughter Khloe Kardashian?

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